Artist Statement

Art is an expressive interaction between artist, materials and the viewer.

Images and ideas from the physical and emotional worlds inspire the artist to create.   As art comes to life, the media chosen by the artist influence the artwork.  Artists can only guide their media; the materials have their own limitations and expectations.  The clay seems to want to move in a certain direction while the glaze flows at an angle, pooling in unique designs.   In turn, the viewer perceives and interprets the artwork as an image or a feeling.  At times this interpretation is formal and concrete, but just as often it is intuitive and soulful.   The interaction between artist, materials and the viewer is a continuous cycle renewed as the art itself inspires fresh images and ideas within us all.


My artwork is inspired by nature and the beauty surrounding us all. I work with clay both functional and decorative forms. My ceramic work uses classic forms glazed with unique flowing decorative glazes.

I began studying ceramics at UCSB while I was studying psychology and sociology. After earning my degree I continued to study ceramics at Santa Barbara City College and San Francisco State University among other schools. I have always been interested in the combination of art and therapy.

For me art is a personal projection. I work on techniques constantly and create unique ceramic pieces. Then every once in a while a special piece of artwork is created that intuitively connects to me. These wonderful pieces bring out the depth of human emotions.

In 1997 I opened a studio at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA. It was during that time that I learned the mosaic process while working on a community mosaic project headed by Jude Pittman. Since then I have incorporated mosaics into my ceramic work. Often I combine handmade ceramic pieces in my mosaics.

I have taught children’s art classes since 1995 at various schools in Pacifica and at the Sanchez Art Center. I have exhibited my work at the Sanchez Art Center and other locations around Pacifica. In 2007, I won an Award of Excellence from juror Dan Soker, of Dan Soker Gallery in San Francisco. The award included a personal exhibition of my ceramic and mosaic work in the East Gallery at the art center in 2008.

I have worked on several community mosaic projects in Pacifica, CA. Currently these projects are installed in local schools. Ocean Shore Elementary School has multiple mosaic panels depicting scenes of Coral Reefs, Wetlands and the Deep Sea. Vallemar School has mosaic designs by eighth grader graduating students embedded in pavement and on pillars near the library. Cabrillo Elementary School has an 80 foot mosaic path winding from the parking lot to an entrance near the office. All these projects were collaborations with students and adults.